Robbery turns deadly for one of three thieves

By Anita Nembhard
Free Lance Reporter

One of three robbers lost his life on Thursday, while holding up Kephawn’s Pawn Shop, on Albert Street in Belize City.
The shop is owned by PUP representative, Gilroy Usher Sr., and it is reported that one of his sons was present at the time of the incident.

Police continue their investigation and are tight-lipped about the details.
Sources say the victim, identified as 19 year-old Phillip Barrera, rode his bicycle to the pawn shop and he and two others entered.

What happened next is not clear but one of the three robbers was shot in the upper part of the body. He died minutes later.
Within seconds of the incident, police officers were seen at the pawnshop cordoning off the area.
Witnesses say the victim’s companions fled the scene, leaving behind two black bicycles, which were later taken as evidence.

One of the two men who managed to escape has been captured and remains in police custody, while the other remains at large.
Up to news time, police did not reveal any information regarding the incident. What we do know is that on Tuesday, September 29, 2015, a little over a month ago, Phillip Barrera was the crown’s main witness in a murder trial that ended in the acquittal of an accused gunman.
Barrera turned a hostile witness in that case, by recanting his statement, thereby allowing the suspect in the case to walk free.

The news of the shooting spread like wildfire in the downtown area, leading to many spectators on the street.
It is rumored that Barrera recently lost his job and that this loss may have prompted his actions.

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