Regular gas now a whopping $11.13 per gallon

By Benjamin Flowers
Staff Reporter

Just in time for the Independence Day holiday, drivers were dealt another blow this week, as Belize’s already high gas prices got another increase, sending regular fuel to over $11.

The latest adjustment, effected at 12:00 a.m., on September 20, raised Regular fuel by a whopping 92 cents from $10.21 to $11.13. The increase also affected Diesel fuel, sending it up by 37 cents, from $9.26 to $9.63.
Premium was the only type of fuel not affected, so it remained at $10.99, making it cheaper than regular fuel.

The price change, the 12th since the start of 2017, came two weeks after the government of Belize had issued a notice that pump prices would increase, due to the damage Hurricane Harvey caused on the United States. GOB explained that Harvey had shut down the oil refineries in Houston, Texas, a major source of imported fuel for Belize.

GOB had also said that it would be working with PUMA, a key supplier of gas in the country, to ensure that the price increases were kept “to a bare minimum and remain for the shortest possible time.”

The fuel situation in Belize has also become more complex due to the government of Belize’s recent decision to suspend purchases of fuel under the Petrocaribe arrangement, from Petroleros de Venezuela (PDVSA). PUMA again had to make alternate arrangements to purchase fuel because the supply coming under Petrocaribe was deemed “unreliable” after months of transportation issues.

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