PUP gives Barrow failing grade

The incumbent United Democratic Party administration has failed, the Opposition, People’s United Party said Wednesday.
In an early afternoon press conference at Independence Hall, PUP Leader Francis Fonseca, flanked by his thirteen other parliamentarians, lashed out at the Barrow administration, saying that under Barrow the country has become a failing state that is marked by rampart corruption, nepotism, a struggling economy, and out-of-control crime.
The conference was designed to coincide with the government’s one-year anniversary since last March’s General Elections.
“[It is] a country in crisis under a corrupt, vision-less government with no plans to create jobs, attract investment and grow the economy,” Fonseca said.
The government, Fonseca said, has no clear plans to address the scourge of crime and to reform our health and education systems.
The party went as far as to prepare a symbolic “report card” for the government, which gave the Barrow administration “A” grades for corruption, higher taxes, arrogance and nepotism.
In the same vein, the PUP’s report failed the government on matters such as cost of living, crime, job creation, health care and economic growth, to name a few.
Driving the party’s point home, Deputy PUP Leader Carolyn Trench-Sandiford said Belize has the dubious honor of being rated as being the 6th most dangerous country in the world, with the second highest murder rate in the Caribbean.
Trench-Sandiford said that the Opposition is offering solutions in the fight against crime, but the government has not reciprocated.
Balderamos-Garcia said that under the area of corruption we have seen hustling and the using of the resources of government everywhere for the enrichment of the UDP.
“We have seen corruption at the Lands Department, the Forestry Department, the Health Ministry and so many other areas and ministries of government. We have seen ministers of state and ministers of government treating statutory bodies as their personal properties,” said Balderamos-Garcia.
Fonseca said the PUP is committed to serving Belize and to leading Belize out of this dark and gloomy chapter in its history.
That work has started, but it is now time to take their message and actions to a higher level.
“The PUP will engage and dialogue with our people and partners in development.
“We will develop policies grounded in a shared vision for the future of our country,” Fonseca offered.

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