PSU President Eldred Neal under mounting pressure to step down

By Benjamin Flowers

Staff Reporter

Members of the Board of Management for the Public Service Union (PSU) have asked PSU President Eldred Neal to resign, following the public release of two secretly recorded conversations where he made derogatory remarks about Garifuna people.

Nine out of the 15 board members, some of whom are Garifuna, have written to Neal, asking him to resign because his comments are unacceptable and unbecoming of a leader of the Union.

On the recordings, Neal spoke to several people, including former National Trade Union Congress of Belize President, Marvin Mora, where Neal alluded to a “culture war” within the PSU.

“Garifuna versus *&$# everybody else. And these people will do anything to maintain power,” Neal said on the recording. Mora was recorded saying that “The Garifuna are greedy for power.”

The recordings also quoted Neal making accusations against  Garifuna members who he claims wanted to dominate the PSU, and every other union, and taking control of the Union’s resources.

Both men have since made public apologies for their statements, and Neal has gone further to explain that he feels the recordings are edited in a manner to take his words out of context. Neal told the media that there are members of the Union who are deliberately using the edited recordings in an effort to ruin his character.

The National Garifuna Council, People’s United Party and Citizen Organized for Liberty Through Action have each issued statements condemning both Neal and Mora, and calling for their resignation.


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