Problems at Northern Regional Hospital Patient loses womb and ovary during delivery

Alicia Pott, a 31-year old housewife who went to the Northern Regional Hospital  in Orange Walk Town to deliver her baby on Tuesday, October 2, was able to save her baby, but came out of a cesarian surgery missing her womb.

She told The Reporter she almost lost her life, after doctors at Northern Regional botched a routine Caesarean delivery and reportedly lied to her about the surgical procedure.

Pott told The Reporter that she experienced heavy bleeding during the cesarian procedure and  the attending physicians  allegedly removed her womb and  took out one of her ovaries without telling her about it.

“I went to a private doctor. He did an ultra-sound and found out that I did not have one of my ovaries and that I still had infection. He treated me for three days,” she said.

In a letter to her Orange Walk East Area Representative, Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez, she explained  that she had developed diabetes and high blood pressure.

“I went into labour around 9 in the morning of October 2 after as my water bag burst, but I had to suffer until 1:00 p.m. when  I was at last admitted  into the surgical theatre for what the doctors described as an  ‘emergency caesarean section.’

“My common-law husband, Edward Garnett, who remained outside  the hospital was not informed of the outcome of the surgery nor of the grave complications that had developed,” she recalled bitterly.

Later  that day Pott  was transferred to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), while she was unconscious, but no member of her family was informed.

Dr. Tulio  Mendez, who is a Pediatrician/Nurologist, told The Reporter that about three months ago they were informed that two experienced doctors  Dr. Salinas, a gynaecologist and Dr. Consino an anesthesiologist, both  Belizeans with about fifteen years’ experience, were transferred from the Northern Regional Hospital.

He recalled that when he raised the matter  in the House of Representative, the Minister of Health assured him that two good doctors would replace the two men  who had been transferred.

In a letter to the Chairman of the Belize Medical and Dental Council, Dr. George Goff, dated October 18, Dr. Mendez complained about events at the Northern Medical Hospital.

“The Northern Regional Hospital is presenting unprecedented medical/surgical complications.

During the past two months, the department of gynaecology and obstetrics has had increased maternal complications: various routine c-sections have had hysterectomies: on one occasion, two in twenty-four hours in the month of October.”

Dr. Mendez’s letter also points to the fact that in two months there have been ten newborns with prenatal asphyxia, sepsis, or seizures.

The letter adds that several private institutions have voiced concern at seeing self-discharged patients from the NRH with serious complicated outcomes.

Dr Mendez blames  the Minister of Health, Pablo Marin, for having placed two inexperienced doctors  in charge of the hospital in Orange Walk.

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