Prisoners escape! Hole in the wall provides way out

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

Five of six Honduran nationals who escaped from the Benque Viejo del Carmen police station on Tuesday night remain at large. The six were arrested for illegally entering the country.
According to Superintendent Daniel Arzu, the officer commanding the Benque Viejo police station, on-duty officers made physical checks at the cell block on Tuesday night and realised that there were no prisoners inside.

Officers observed that the rear portion of the cell wall was damaged and there was a man-size hole through which the prisoners escaped, Arzu said.

Arzu said the prisoners appear to have used a heavy object to break through the wall of their cell. The matter, he said, is under investigation and once that is completed, appropriate measures will be taken.

He also dispelled the notion that officers at the Benque Viejo station may have facilitated the escape of the six Hondurans.
Arzu said the police investigation indicated tha
t the men escaped on their own, but he added that there may have been some level of negligence on the part of the officers on duty at the time.

Once there is a clearer understanding of what actually transpired, action will be taken in regard to any such negligence, he added.

According to Arzu, four men were initially detained after they were found acting suspiciously in Benque Viejo Town on Monday. The other two were arrested the following day leaving the town on a bus.

All six were held on immigration offences and were waiting to be processed by immigration authorities, Arzu explained. It was during this time that the men escaped.

Police have recaptured 18 year-old Jose Antonio Vasquez, but 21 year-old Darwin Josue Turcios Cáceres, 23 year-old Jocsan Adbeel Aguilar, 22 year-old Wilmer Junior Bermudez, 23 year-old Johnny Abel Ramos and 28 year-old Isaias Concepcíon Morales remain at large. Police believe the five men may have crossed the border into Guatemala.

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