Popular DJ shot dead!

By Michelle Sutherland

Staff Reporter

A popular Belize City DJ, 42-year-old Ian “Hard Rock” Bennett, was shot as many as nine times on Wednesday night near his home on Central American Boulevard. He died  shortly after being hit.

Bennett was sitting under a bus stop, which was only a stone’s throw away from his house, around 7:43 p.m., Wednesday when a  gunman approached and opened fire. Bennett received gunshot wounds to the head and body.

Even after being shot multiple times, Bennett tried to flee  by running into the street, where he collapsed and died. His body remained on the scene for some time while investigators canvassed the area.

After news of Bennett’s death broke, social media and radio stations were flooded with an outpouring of sadness and grief over the loss of the popular entertainer.

Close friends and associates of Bennett are puzzled as to what could have triggered the cold- blooded execution of the popular DJ, who is not known to have any gang affiliations and by all accounts, served as a role model to youths in the area.

Bennett was known as one of the stalwarts in the DJ field, inspiring youths and offering his advice and assistance when needed. He served as a DJ on Krem FM for over 10 years.

Residents in the area say that during the NBA playoffs, Bennett’s house side would be transformed into a big screen for the residents in the area to watch the game, complete with audio for all to hear and see.

Krem’s Mose Hyde said of his former colleague: “He did more for endangered young boys than so many so-called leaders. He did so without acknowledgement, support or praise. We have lost a soul that is rare and irreplaceable.”

Gang mediator, Dianne Finnegan condemned the death of the DJ and said that she is confident that the incident isn’t gang-related.

Police have not yet detained anyone for this latest murder, as investigations continue.


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