Policeman charged for rape

The police department has charged and interdicted a police officer accused of having raped a woman of Bullet Tree Village last month.

Police reported Thursday that, in reference to the allegation, “police constable # 654 Eldrid Clinton Thomas has been charged with two counts of “an act to the prejudice of good order and discipline and one count of drinking intoxicating  liquor while on duty.

“He has been placed on immediate interdiction,” a release states.

Thomas is one of the two officers assigned to the village which figured  in the rape allegation.

The woman, who admitted that she was intoxicated at the time, alleged that the men raped her when they were taking her home on Saturday night, March 23, after she and her common-law husband had a dispute at a local bar.

The officers reportedly removed them from the establishment, and took her home separately from her husband.

However, according to police, the woman later filed a report, in which she gave a different version of events, but  said she was not willing to take the matter to court.

Nevertheless, at a press conference last Wednesday, Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie explained that because of the nature of the complaint and his zero-tolerance approach to offending officers,  he deployed Senior Superintendent of Police, Louise Willis, to investigate the matter.

The investigation, Whylie said at the conference, suggested that only one of the policemen was involved in the act.

He said that based on those findings, the woman has indicated that she wants to proceed with the Department’s disciplinary actions against him.

Whylie explained that the accused officers have since been transferred to Belmopan.

“A situation of this nature, we cannot allow to go unpunished,” Whylie said.

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