Police find decomposed body at Mile 8

By Marion Ali
Staff Reporter

A badly decomposed body found in a remote area of West Lake, in the Mile 8 Community has raised suspicion foul play.
Around 4 p.m. on Thursday, police were summoned to the Mile 8 community off the George Price Highway, where they discovered the badly decomposed body, suspected to be that of Belize City resident, Denfield Bowen, 27, also known as “LL”. Bowen who went missing three weeks ago.

The Reporter understands that the body was found in the pan of a burgundy Ford Ranger – one that Bowen was seen driving when he left home on Plues Street in, on the evening of Thursday, April 30th.
The vehicle was discovered off a feeder road in the vicinity of the BTL tower at the Mile 8 community.

Reporter sources say that a construction worker passing by noticed the vehicle and decided to check inside. That was when he saw the body in the pan.
Investigators do not believe that Bowenwas killed at the location where they found him because there was no blood at the scene. The only house in the area is about 275 yards away from where the vehicle was found and occupants of the house say they did not see or hear anything suspicious.

Bowen, the father of four, was affiliated with the George Street Gang, and went missing shortly after the shooting murder of Mark Medina, another George Street affiliate – all part of what is described as “an internal rift” among its members.

The evening when he left home, he had just made a phone call to someone he called “B”, and told the person he was going to meet him. He walked out of the house, telling his family he would soon return, wearing a white t-shirt marked “RIP Kareem Lopez” at the front and “Robbery” at the back. He never returned, and numerous search efforts in Belize City and on the George Price Highway since then proved futile.

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