Police confiscate $2 million in crystal meth

By Marion Ali
Staff Reporter

Orange Walk police, who were on patron Wednesday night, intercepted a vehicle which they say was loaded with a stash of methamphetamine, popularly known as “crystal meth”, worth around $2 million.

They have also detained two men, a Belizean of Orange Walk Town and a Cuban of San Pedro Town, following the bust which occurred shortly after 7 p.m. on Liberty Avenue, Orange Walk Town.

According to police, they and DEA officials were on a joint anti-drug operation when they observed a suspicious black Toyota car bearing Orange Walk license plates.
Police say that the car was swaying across the street and that when they drove up beside it, and identified themselves as police officers, the driver, identified to us as the Belizean, tried to speed off onto the Phillip Goldson Highway.

As it reached Liberty Avenue, it reportedly spun out of control and the two occupants left and tried to flee on foot. Police managed to apprehend them, and searched the car.

In the process of apprehending the two men, police fired a number of warning shots in the air, alarming some residents of the area.

No one was injured, and during the search of the vehicle police discovered an old red icebox which contained 18 parcelsl of the suspected drug and a soap powder carton box which contained another 12 parcels.

Police later weighed the two amounts and came up with a total weight of 54.7 kilograms or 120.5 pounds.

During a press briefing on Thursday afternoon police could not say definitively where the drugs came from, where it was going, or whether or not it entered the country undetected through one of our ports of entry.
Police said they can only answer those questions after they have interrogated the two suspects.

The highly addictive drug, which is manufactured from the precursor drug, pseudo-ephedrine, is banned in Belize and several other countries.

Second in command at the Orange Walk Police Formation, Inspector Selvin Tillett, told The Reporter late Thursday evening that the two suspects will be charged on Friday, most likely with drug trafficking.

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