PM to Saldivar: ‘Stop using Coast Guard boats!’

By Marion Ali

Assistant Editor

Prime Minister, Dean Barrow has said that the Minister of Defence, John Saldivar must stop using the coast guard vessels, gifted by the US government, for transporting his privately-owned Bandits basketball team, relatives, and fans to San Pedro for games.

Barrow said he was impressed that Coast Guard Commander, Rear Admiral John Borland – a man who stands on his 30-year career as a serviceman – also did not think, like Saldivar, that there was anything wrong with using the vessels for transporting Saldivar’s team.

That aside, however, Barrow said he would not have done it, and henceforth, “that cannot be done again. …That sort of use is now absolutely and completely off the table,” Barrow emphasized.

The issue took centre stage after the US embassy listed in last week’s issue of the Reporter newspaper the main purposes for which the boats which were gifted to Belize are to be used.

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