Pharmacy Association responds to release from drug suppliers’ release

By Alexis R. Milan Staff Reporter

Belize Pharmacy Association’s President Hortence Humes said that she expects that pharmaceutical suppliers will indeed provide their quality certification as they promised via press release late Thursday evening.

Suppliers to the Ministry of Health said that they support the Ministry’s tendering process and pledged that they are prepared to provide copies of all their certificates of Good Manufacturing Practices.

Humes responded by saying that sub-standard pharmaceutical supplies have been entering the country and the Association wishes to see suppliers provide those certificates of good manufacuring practice.Humes also commended the suppliers for supporting the development of a Standard Operational Procedure and again stated that she hoped the suppliers were being sincere.

The signatures included on the release are from suppliers to the Ministry and Humes speculated that the release was an attempt by the suppliers to maintain good standing with the Ministry amid the current controversy.

Humes said that it was good that the suppliers stand behind their product, but insisted that they must provide proof of quality.
The release from the suppliers was signed by GeneRx Medical Supplies Ltd; Reyesco; Belmopan Medical Laboratory Ltd; M&M Distributors; J.D.B Ltd; and ProCare Radiology Supplies among others.

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