Pedophile Preacher? Pastor at Frank’s Eddy Village charged with carnal knowledge

Frank’s Eddy Baptist preacher, Julio Cesar Garcia, 46, has been charged with two counts of unlawful carnal knowledge and has been remanded to prison.

He was arrested after an 11-year-old girl reported that he had sex with her twice: once inside the church and a second time at his home.

The child, who attends the church and is a student at the Frank’s Eddy Government School, told police, in the company of her mother, that the pastor first had sexual intercourse with her on Sunday afternoon, October 28, 2012.

The Reporter understands that the incident happened after a youth event at the church. The child did not report the first incident and on Thursday, November 1, when her mother sent her to deliver something to the Pastor at his house, he allegedly invited the girl into his home and had sexual intercourse with her the second time.

Medical examinations revealed that the girl was carnally known, and that she might have contracted a sexually transmitted infection that has her suffering from a high fever. More tests are being taken to determine what is causing the fever.

While the medical results are not yet known, Garcia has more trouble facing him.  This newspaper has  been reliably informed that he has not been able to produce a passport or proof of legal entry into Belize. But he has been the head Pastor at the church for about two years.

Immigration officials are now checking into their records to determine whether they have any documentation of his arrival into Belize.

The anger of Garcia’s fellow villagers has steadily intensified because it is possible that he has been sexually involved with at least two other underage girls from the same village.

His wife, however, seems to be shocked by the charges against her husband, because she said that he is liked in the church and in the village.

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