Paul Nabor, Soul of Garifuna Music, dies at 86 in Punta Gorda

By Marion Ali
Staff Reporter

Belize is mourning the passing of legendary Parandero, Paul Nabor, who died on Wednesday evening in his native Punta Gorda Town.
Nabor had been ailing since 2009, when he first fell ill and had to be air-lifted to Belize City for urgent medical treatment.
Nabor, 86, had composed many Paranda songs, mostly in Garifuna, which have gained him recognition in Belize and in international music circles.
He lived a humble life in PG, but gained international recognition with his 1998 hit release, Naguya Nei, a tribute to his dying sister and her last wish.
Nabor, whose real name was Paul Santino, came to be called “Nabor” by his friends and in known internationally by that name.
On a 2004 visit to Honduras, he was declared a distinguished guest of the City of Tegucigalpa.
He was honoured in a documentary in 2007 along with the late brukdown legend, Wilfred Peters and harp player, Florencio Mess.
In 2011, Nabor was honoured with the Order of Distinction for his contribution to music and culture in Belize along with 27 other notable individuals.
He accompanied the late Andy Palacio and the Garifuna Collective on many a world tour and while he retired from the world stage upon Palacio’s death in 2008, he continued to entertain right up to earlier this year.
Wikipedia, the reference bible of the internet says of Nabor:
“Nabor is a widely respected musical talent who has brought the soulful music of the Garifuna people to the rest of the world.”
Paul Nabor:
January 26
, 1928 –
October 22, 2014.

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