Patrick Faber to take on Gaspar Vega for UDP 1st Deputy leader

United Democratic Party (UDP) Chairman Patrick Faber, the Collet Division’s area representative and the Minister of Education, has confirmed to The Reporter that it is highly likely he may challenge the Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Gaspar Vega for the post of First Deputy Party Leader.
The challenge is expected to come at the UDP’s next general convention, scheduled for sometime in February next year.
Faber said he was still discerning his supporters, but he is leaning in that direction.
Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow discussed it briefly Wednesday, when the media asked him to speak on Faber’s ambitions, during an interview outside the RSV Media Center.
Prime Minister Barrow said that there is “certainly a suggestion … that there will be a challenge.”
He added, “If there is, that is democracy; that is the way we in the UDP do it. While we know that any contested convention will have its fallout, I believe that our history, track record, and our culture are all such that we can deal with that sort of thing.”

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