Pastor Louis Wade claims bogus charge by Minister’s son

By Michelle Sutherland

Staff Reporter

Pastor Louis Wade, owner of Plus TV, was arraigned in the San Ignacio Magistrate Court last Friday, on charges stemming from an incident last November involving a Minister’s son.

Wade, however, refutes the allegations against him and says the charges are bogus and politically motivated.

Wade was charged with ‘common assault’ and ‘using insulting words’, allegedly against Robert Montero, the son of Minister of Works René Montero.

“It hit me that after six months of persistent and intense investigations, Cayo police have concluded that an incident, which never happened, actually did happen,” Wade shared with his media colleagues.

Wade told reporters that on November 27, 2016, acting in his capacity as a journalist, he narrowly escaped being intentionally run over by a red pickup truck, allegedly driven at the time by Robert Montero.

Wade said he was taking pictures and video footage of the misuse of government resources and equipment at the Santa Elena Sporting Complex compound under construction.

While Wade made a statement against Montero for allegedly trying to run him over that day, police have still not charged Montero but have levied charges against Wade instead.

A source in the Police Department said that Montero was not charged because of “inconsistencies” in Wade’s statement to police, in which he claims not to have seen the driver of the vehicle which attempted to knock him down.

The Reporter, however, has obtained a copy of the police report, in which Wade clearly indicates to police that at first, he could not see who was driving the vehicle but the driver later got out of the vehicle and stood a few feet from him. Wade said that was when he took a picture of the person with  his camera, which he held near his chest.

The picture, which Wade has shared with the press clearly shows Montero with his red vehicle in the background.

According to Wade, following the incident, he showed the footage on his morning show and indicated he was going to make a report against Montero, who filed a complaint against Wade first.

“The first officer assigned to investigate Montero’s report found it (Montero’s report) to be false. He was then replaced by a new investigator who revived the case and charged me,” Wade said.

Officer Commanding San Ignacio Police, Supt. Richard Rosado told the media that Wade was not charged earlier because investigators were waiting on video footage he claims would have cleared his name. That video evidence was not given to them. That is why  investigators proceeded to charge him.

The National Evangelical Association of Belize, which includes some 200 churches, issued a press release earlier this week, expressing shock and outrage at the charges brought against Pastor Wade.

“This type of biased and corrupt law enforcement happens repeatedly and is part of why crime, violence, injustice and corruption continues to be the order of the day in our nation,” the release said.

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