Orange Walk man, Florentino Ayalla, 48, found dead in prison cell

An Orange Walk man, Florentino Ayalla, 48, was found dead in a Special Care cell in the Tango 6 building at the Belize Central Prison on Tuesday, January 8.

The Kolbe managed prison’s Chief Executive Officer, Earl Jones, told The Reporter on Thursday, January 10, that police are treating Ayalla’s death as a homicide until the cause of his death can be determined by an autopsy examination.

Ladyville Police Sergeant McCulloch, who is attached to the Crimes Investigation Branch (CIB), is conducting the investigation into Ayalla’s death, Jones said.

According to Jones, around 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday, the officer with responsibility for the Special Care area went to give Ayalla some painkillers and found him dead inside his cell.

Jones said that the Special Care area is where prisoners who are not well are kept. Ayalla shared a cell with three other inmates, who police have been questioning since his death.

Ayalla was remanded to prison on December 31 by the Orange Walk Magistrate, after he was arraigned on a charge of wounding.

Jones said that Ayalla, who is an alcoholic, had bruises on his body when he first arrived at the prison and was complaining of pains.

The prison is awaiting the result of an autopsy examination, which is expected to be performed on Thursday, January 10, to determine the cause of Ayalla’s death.

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