Nomination day – It’s do or die!

Thursday, Ferbruary 12 went down in history as Nomination Day 2015, and all across the country in all nine municipalities, political candidates headed to their respective Elections and Boundaries Departments to establish their bis for office.

Once there, potential candidates must produce two registered voters to “nominate” them for office, and they must pay a small fee before their names are entered into the race.

And while rules and regulations must be followed, the reality is that Nomination Day has become all about swag, at least where the two main political parties are concerned. It’s about who can paint the country with it’s party colours for that day, about who has the most flags, and shirts, and of course, about which party has the most visible number of people rallying behind it.

In Belize City, the United Democratic Party won that muscle contest hands down, mustering about 2,500 supporters to make the afternoon trek from UDP headquarters to the Charles Bartlett Hyde Building. The PUP, which made that journey just hours before, had a respectable, but not massive showing of just under 1,000 supporters.

And where numbers are concerned, Belize City led the way. In Orange Walk Town, where the PUP is the incumbent, both parties brought out about 400 supporters.

In San Pedro, the two mass parties captured the most attention in terms of numbers, but there is another Mayoral aspirant being offered by the Vision Inspired by the People. In Belmopan there are five Mayoral aspirants – UDP, PUP, VIP and two independents.

The other municipalities were less dramatic, though all saw spirited shows by political candidates who are making the bid to represent the people in town boardl elections which are scheduled for March 4th.,a little more than two weeks away.

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