Newborn twins give- away on internet prompts investigation

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

The Department of Human Services is investigating a matter in which, newborn twins were being given away on the Facebook Belize Buy & Sell page.
Officials from Human Services told The Reporter they were aware of the advertisement, which was posted on Wednesday morning, after receiving several calls from concerned citizens alerting them of the troubling post.

According to the Human Services Department, after seeing the post for themselves, they contacted the woman who placed the advertisement on the Facebook page and she informed them that the post was made for a friend who could no longer care for the children.
The original post asked if there was anyone interested in adopting two newborn twins, one being a girl and the other, a boy. The poster said she was unable to disclose much more information about the twins but said that she didn’t want the children separated.
The poster said the children should preferentially be given to a nice couple with no children or to a family that could afford new additions.

Officials investigating the matter said they were informed that the children weren’t even Belizeans and that in fact, the newborns were actually in Honduras, which made the matter even more problematic, since the post was placed on a Belizean web page.
The Department of Human Services said it is unable to disclose the specifics of the matter as it is still investigating to validate the credibility of the post and the circumstances that led to the post being on the Belize Buy & Sell Facebook page.

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