Newborn thrown away in canal!

By Michelle Sutherland
Staff Reporter

A newborn infant boy, wrapped in plastic with his umbilical cord still attached, was thrown into the canal and discovered floating in the dirty water on Thursday morning near the corner of South and West Canal streets.
A City Council worker, Julian Jimenez, who was cleaning the canal, made the shocking discovery around 8:30 Thursday morning. At first, while fishing the newborn out of the water, Jimenez said he thought it was a dead animal.

When he retrieved the body, Jimenez was shocked to discover it was an infant corpse. Initially, it had been reported as a discarded fetus, but, medics on the scene later disclosed that the infant was a full-term baby that was only a few hours old.

“Every day I clean here. First I took out a dog then I put it out there. Then I saw another bag. When I pulled it, it was heavy. I opened it and I saw what was inside. I was frightened! First time I have seen something like this,” Jimenez told the Reporter minutes after making the discovery.
Jiminez said after realizing what he had found, he flagged down a police patrol which was passing. The officers quickly moved in, assessed the scene, and called in paramedics, who confirmed that the baby was already dead.

The tightly-wrapped bag which contained the baby was said to have been drifting downstream. There were no visible signs of injuries to the body.
Officers are on the ground, canvassing the neighborhood and gathering information to determine the identity of the mother who threw away her newborn son.

Residents in the area say they didn’t notice anything suspicious, but are aware that there are quite a few pregnant females living in the neighborhood. Police will need to zero in on any of them who, at the time of the discovery, is no longer with child.

The infant’s body was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Morgue awaiting a post-mortem examination.
Police have not yet issued an official report on the matter.

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