Mystery corpse found in sea near highway

Police are asking for help from the public to identify corpse found floating in the sea today. The badly decomposed body was recovered by Police just after 4:00pm on Thursday evening, between miles five and six, just off the Phillip Goldson Highway, following a report by a resident in the area.

A post-mortem examination which was done at the beach site proved inconclusive, able to determine only that the body is that of a maleperson . No other conclusion could be drawn because of the length of time the body had been in the water.Police did not observe any obvious signs of violence, and so do not at this time suspect foul play.

As we go to press tonight, the body, classified as a John Doe, has been buried by Police. In cases where the body is decomposed immediate burial is routine, though Police would generally attempt to take photographs to aid in identification. Sources tell the Reporter that in this particular case a photographic identification would not have been possible.

Police are asking, though, that if there are persons who know of a missing person, particularly from this area, that they visit the nearest Police Station to assist in the invesrigation.

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