Murders in Belize City, Hattieville

Two men were killedde in  separate incidents during the wee hours of Thursday morning.  The first happened at a foam factory at Mile 12 1/2 on the George Price Highway, owned and operated by businessman, Wei Tao Liu, 42.

Liu was at the establishment along with three employees when it is believed that a dispute with one of them resulted in the employee picking up a blunt object and whacking Wei in the back of the head.  The police have recorded statements from the two other employees who we understand witnessed the attack..

Since the revelation, the Chinese community has come forward  to offer a monetary reward of $5,000 for the capture of that employee, Honduran, Christian Alexander Mejia Munoz, who after striking Wei in the head, took his bunch of keys and stole his white Toyota pick-up truck.

That vehicle was discovered abandoned about a mile past the Hattieville Station.  It has since been impounded for fingerprinting.  Police have also taken into custody what they believe was the murder weapon.

Wei Tao Liu died at around 3:45 am.  He is described by residents of Hattieville as a charismatic man who loved his wife and two young children.

The second murder occurred at the  corner of George Frazer and Iguana Street Extension at around one a.m. and claimed the life of Wilfred “Pa Patch” Peters, 26, the grandson of the late Wilfred Peters.

Peters was asleep inside his house when three men reportedly stomped in his front door and  his bedroom door and shot him several times in the  face.  He died shortly after reaching the KHMH.  Neighbours reportedly saw the men running away from the scene.

Peters had reportedly gotten in an argument with someone on Wednesday night at a Chinese Shop on the same street where he lived.  Police are looking into whether his murder is linked to that dispute.

Peters’ family were planning a memorial for his grandfather, Brukdown King, Wilfred Peters Sr., who died three years ago June.  their plans have now been adjusted to attend this funeral.

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