Murder for love

Calaney Flowers, 26, of Lavender Street, Belize City, was remanded to the Hattieville prison on Thursday after she  drove her car over her ex-boyfriend, 29-year-old Lyndon Morrison and Morrison’s new flame, Sochyl Sosa.

Morrison was riding the bike at the time with Sosa on the pillion seat, when the car with Flowers at the wheel came with fury upon them.

Calaney had just had a baby for Flowers, and the thought of his fooling around so soon after the baby was probably more than she could bear.

She has been charged with murder and attempted murder.

Morrison, a flight dispatcher, died while undergoing treatment at the Karl Heusner Hospital while Sochyl is listed in grave but stable condition.

Attorney Dickie Bradley represented Calaney Flowers, an employee of Atlantic Bank’s main branch on Freetown Road, who was not required to enter a plea.

Flowers was at a volleyball game, where her bank’s team was competing when she received a telephone call. She left the game and went to Freetown Road, where she saw her ex-boyfriend with Sosa.

Reports say that Calaney Flowers suffers from lupus, a debilitating illness which affects the immune system.

From her hospital bed on Thursday morning Sochyl Sosa  told reporters she  fully expects to recover from her injuries. She recalled she lost another boyfriend to a road traffic accident 17 months ago.

Belize City Police reported they found Morrison, a resident of Jasmine Street, suffering from a cut on the back of his head when they visited the K.H.M.H., around 10:15 Tuesday night. Sosa had abrasions on both hands and a cut on the back of her head.

Police say the two  were riding a motorcycle along Freetown Road, while Flowers was following them in her red Saturn car.

Morrison and Sosa were flung into the air when Flowers crashed her car into the motorcycle, in front of Central Assembly Church on Freetown Road.

The motorcycle was extensively damaged, as were the helmets Morrison and Sosa were wearing.

Flowers, who reportedly reverse the car to hit Morrison a second,  did not stop after the  attack. She went to Morrison’s  home to tell his mother what she had done.

Sosa told reporters that she and Morrison had been friends for about two years, but she only started going out with him  in March this year.

She said the collision was not her first encounter with Flowers. Minutes before she and Morrison had  seen Flowers at a shop on Mahogany Street.  Flowers had told Morrison that he would not see his baby again. He retorted that they would settle the matter in court.

They then rode off on the motorcycle, but Flowers followed them, trailing them across the Belcan Bridge and into Freetown Road.

Sosa recalled telling Morrison: “This woman wants to kill us”, because of the speed at which she was following behind them.

Sosa said the car caught up with them when Morrison slowed for a speed bump near the roundabout on Freetown Road.

She said she lost consciousness when she was flung from the motorcycle, and doesn’t remember what happened after.

The Morrison and Flowers’ families have refused all media interviews. Lyndon Morrison is the son of well known educator Owen Morrison and Laurel Grant. He will be laid to rest on Saturday, September 1.

Flowers returns to court on October 2.


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