Mother needs assistance for severely injured child

By Ingrid Fernandez
Staff Reporter

Marla Encalada, the mother of severely injured six-year-old Kareema Encalada, this week made an emotional plea for financial assistance to seek outside medical treatment to repair the child’s mutilated pelvis.

“It’s hard for me; I’m pleading to the public to assist me in whatever way, if they can fly her out to the US to get better attention over that side. She’s in a lot of pain and she cries all day, all night”, said Encalada. Anyone interested in offering assistance can make a deposit at Belize Bank account number 230822. The mother can be reached at tel. 633-­0829.
According to Marla, Kareema is scheduled to undergo surgery this week. After that, she will have to undergo another, but it is not possible to perform the surgery in Belize and she will need to seek medical assistance in the United States.

According to Marla, the family is seeking financial assistance to provide for medical visas, treatments and expenses for her to accompany Kareema abroad.
The air ambulance cost alone is $25,000. The staff at Medical Associates is trying to negotiate with a hospital in Chicago to accept Kareema.

The accident happened three weeks ago on October 28th when Kareema and her nine-year-old sister were walking back from a shop in Ladyville and a Ford F150, driven by 39-year-old Edward Bennett, ran over the nine-year-old, causing second-degree tire burns to her back. When Kareema ran to her aid the truck reversed over her, crushing her pelvic bone.

Witnesses in the area rushed to the scene and tried to pull her from under the tire but unknown to them, broken glass, which she had landed on, caused severe cut wounds to her vaginal pelvic region.
Marla has also accused the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) of malpractice after the child’s vagina and anus were stitched together, causing her to defecate through her vagina, complicating matters even further. Kareema was later transferred to the Medical Associates through the intervention of a social worker.

According to Marla, both she and Kareema have given statements to the police, but no charges have been brought against Bennett. Police, however, say he has been served with a Notice of Intended Prosecution.

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