More illegal rosewood in Toledo! Ministry of Agric’s tractor impounded

The Forestry Department has initiated an investigation into the discovery of two stashes of illegally harvested rosewood.
On Wednesday evening, a team of officers from the Forestry and Police Departments and the BDF intercepted and seized a small stash of rosewood at Gomez Estate in Elridgeville Village, located a few miles from Punta Gorda Town. 
At the scene, the joint team also found a Ministry of Agriculture registered tractor, which they suspect was used to transport the rosewood.  Five men who were at the scene were also taken into custody and are awaiting charges.
On Sunday, another joint unit intercepted a large amount of harvested rosewood—a stash that disappeared from its storeroom only two days later.
People’s National Party (PNP) leader and PG resident, Will Maheia, said, “[The sting operation] intercepted rosewood that was about to be transported out of the Boom Creek Road…the Forestry Department asked the police to stand by for the rest of the night to secure the rosewood…there’s got to be some kind of corruption somewhere because rosewood, as you know, is not something that is easily moved. It is very hard to move it so definitely it’s not just the small guy on the ground that’s involved with this.”
In April this year, Minister of Forestry Lisel Alamilla signed a moratorium on the cutting and harvesting of rosewood, which is purchased at US $26 per square foot.

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