Mexican Navy nabs two Belizean businessmen in major drug bust

Two Belizean businessmen were arrested in Mexico for their alleged role in transporting $1 million worth of Crystal Meth into Chetumal last week.

Mexican media reported that Milin Vasquez, of Orange Walk, and Hugo Cassanova of Corozal, were among the eight persons arrested during last Thursday evening’s Mexican Navy raid on the home of reputed Mexican drug dealer, Carlos Cabañas Catzin,  known as “the monster.”

According to reports in the Mexican newspaper Dario de Quintano Roo, both Casanova and Vasquez – who are considered to be major players in the drug underworld – are the ones who  transported the drugs into Mexico.

The arrested men and women  were placed on a military aircraft and flown to Mexico City, where they were handed over to the office of Specialized Investigation of Organized Crime.

The Diario de Quintano Roo reported that a judge in the Sixth District will determine the legal status of the eight persons.

Reports say that Catzin and his group have already said that the 45 kilos of crystal meth do not belong to them. The drug was reportedly found in several refrigerators.

Reports say that Mexican  Naval Intelligence received information earlier that day that the Belizean businessmen would be transporting a load of crystal meth into the  Chetumal.

The Dario Quintano Roo also reported that the Marines closed off a two- block area and rapelled  from a helicopter to gain access to Catzin’ s home.

Catzin is reportedly the drug lord of the Pelones of Chetumal. His brother, Nestor Alberto Cazin Cabañas, was among the eight persons arrested in the raid.

Milin Vasquez is the owner of La Hacienda Steak House and Hugo Cassanova owns Carolina Auto Rentals in Carolina Village.

The two had beaten drug  charges in the 1990s: Casanova was freed from a drug related murder in 1998, while Vasquez was charged for his role in landing a drug plane in the Revenge Lagoon, area  in 1995.

The Mexican media also reported that the  men may be connected to the Zetas drug cartel, which has been working with the Catzin group.

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