Marine Parade fishermen resentful over CitCo’s shed destruction

By Alexis R. Milan Staff Reporter

Fishermen and fish cleaners are angry with the Belize City Council for removing a shed from the dock where they sell fish on Marine Parade.

According to the fishermen, CitCo workers came to the dock around 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday and weren’t expecting to meet anyone out there at the time. They proceeded to take down the shed from the concrete dock.

When the fishermen inquired about what they were doing, they were only told that they were taking down the structure on orders from CitCo. When they were finished they left.

According to the fishermen, another truck of CitCo workers came to the fish market in the afternoon. The workers told them they were there to reconstruct the shed. The fishermen said they never did anything and then they left.

The fishermen explained that they were moved to that place from their original location across from Happy Tails pet care because City Councillor Roger Espejo told them to do so.

The fishermen said also that Espejo has indicated to them in the past that he wanted to move them further down Marine Parade but the fishermen protected that there is nowhere to dock and they would suffer financial loses if they move further down.

Espejo told The Reporter that the Council made the decision to remove the shed because it was corroded and had become dilapidated.

Espejo said the structure posed a threat to the fishermen and the general public who use the place to swim and dock their boats.

Espejo added that he did not know whether or not a replacement shed would be built at the site because CitCo would have to find money outside of their current budget for that to be done.

Espejo said in relation to moving the fish market further down Marine Parade, the Council hadn’t discussed that but the issue had been raised several months ago.

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