Man suspected of butchering Oh sisters remanded

By Michelle Sutherland
Staff Reporter

Wilmer Alexander Escobar, 20, the man suspected of the horrific butchering of sisters Josephina and Cresencia Oh on January 21 in San Jose village, Toledo; was arrested, charged and remanded to prison following his arraignment in court on Thursday.

Escobar will reportedly undergo a psychiatric evaluation by trained professionals, authorities told the media on Thursday. Escobar reportedly showed signs of mental instability during his detention and interviews with police.
According to the cops, Escobar was found in possession of several personal items belonging to the slain sisters, including their cellular phones, however, police could not confirm a motive or say definitively that Escobar knew his victims.

Sources tell the Reporter that the working theory and suspected motive was robbery, which unfortunately turned to murder. It is also believed that Escobar acted alone.
Head of the National Crimes Investigations Branch, ACP Joseph Myvette, told the media on Thursday that Escobar had not confessed to the crime, as several false reports had suggested; however, he has offered his full cooperation to aid the investigation.

Myvette was also asked if Escobar was found with bite marks and scratches on his body, believed to have been inflicted by his victims during a struggle, however, Myvette declined to comment further. Escobar’s arrest and charges were secured as a result of several statements by witnessess and additional evidence.
Investigators are also awaiting test results to confirm whether the females were sexually assaulted, prompted by the discovery of their nude bodies.

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