Leroy Gomez gets 15 years for rape and robbery

Convicted rapist Leroy Gomez, 25, will spend the next 15 years of his life in prison, Supreme Court Justice Adolph Lucas ruled on Wednesday, August 8.

Gomez, who had beaten four previous rape indictments, was found guilty of rape and robbery on Tuesday, July 31.

Justice Lucas sentenced him to 15 years on each charge, to run concurrently. So he’ll only serve 15 years.

Gomez, a mechanic of Jasmine Street, was undefended at his trial, and when it came time to make a mitigation plea, he called only his brother, who told the court that Gomez is a family man and no rapist.

Lucas briefly reviewed the evidence before passing sentence, noting that Gomez did not want to take part in a police identification parade.

The incident had occurred on Administration Drive in the early morning hours of August 23, 2011.

Gomez’s victim, a 26 year-old single mother was on her way to her policeman boyfriend’s house, when a dark complexioned man rode up behind her on a bicycle, with a rag over his mouth, and placed an object which looked like a handgun to her side and demanded, ‘Gimmi what you got.’

The victim testified that while she was removing a fake diamond earring from her ear, Gomez began to fondle her breast and touched her private parts  through her short pants. He then  hoisted her on to his bicycle and rode off  with her to the verandah of a house where he raped her.

Lucas remarked that the attack must have been humiliating. The victim had difficulty  removing her earrings e and he only got one.

Normal intercourse is between two consenting persons. “Rape is sickening,” Lucas told the court, “The law has serious penalties for a person who is found guilty of rape. Every person who commits rape shall be imprisoned for( a minimum of)  eight years. The maximum penalty is life in prison.”

“Robbery has a recent amendment to the Criminal Code and is 10 to 15 years in prison.”

Lucas noted that the incident occurred months after the amendment was passed. “Sentencing a convicted person for robbery must not be less than 15 years,” he told Gomez.

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