Ladyville residents outraged! Used medical vials, syringes and needles discarded on street

On Tuesday residents of Ladyville were shocked and outraged to discover mounds of medical waste dumped on Janice Road in Ladyville. The discarded waste included vials of liquid, used syringes, needles, IV equipment and tubes with dried blood still inside.

Ladyville Chairman, Albert Magdaleno was one of the first on the scene on Tuesday. “What I found was a large amount of used syringes and needles scattered all over the street. We found syringes with the IV tubes still intact…We found some of them with stale blood still inside them,” he reported.

Because the waste includes boxes marked ‘Biohazard – Infectious Waste’ Magdaleno did not touch anything, but called in the health authorities, who arrived on the scene shortly after. They examined the waste, but were unable to determine where it came from because all identifying markers or tags had been removed.

Magdaleno says that at least one thing was determined, that it didn’t come from the KHMH.

“They checked the containers and they determined that this was not KHMH’s doings because the boxes containing the hazardous material, were biohazard or high-tech boxes, leading investigators to concluded that the items came from one of the private hospitals or private clinics,” Magdaleno told the Reporter.
The situation took on some urgency Tuesday because there are two schools nearby. One of them, the Ladyville Seventh Day Adventist Primary School, is only about 50 feet from the road where the medical waste was dumped.

Janice Road links Perez Road to the highway, and is used by a majority of the students at the school. They also use that artery to buy food from nearby Celina’s during their lunch break. Since children are naturally inquisitive, they likely would have tampered with the waste, which included used needles.
Early Wednesday morning, Magdaleno and Ladyville resident, Dr. Cecilio Eck, who saw the news on TV, started cleaning up the mess because of the danger it posed to children passing by. Later that day heavy equipment was called in to do a complete cleanup of the road which is used illegally, by residents as a dump site.

It is unlikely that health authorities will ever be able to determine who dumped the medical waste there. Private hospitals, clinics and labs contract out their disposal of medical waste. It is believed that the contractor was responsible for the dangerous and negligent dumping of the hazardous material. Authorities and Ladyville residents have committed to being more vigilant,

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