Killed in downtown Belize City!

By Michelle Sutherland
Staff Reporter

A Belize City man, Jermaine Franklin, 36, was killed by a brazen gunman in the early evening hours of Wednesday in downtown Belize City, as many people went about their business in the busy commercial zone.

The killer was captured by various surveillance cameras in the area.
It happened just outside of Teddy’s Music and DVD Rentals on King Street around 6:30 in the evening. Franklin was shot several times in the back and died there in the street.

Franklin was reportedly inside the music store, buying a CD when the gunman entered the store and unleashed an onslaught of bullets at his target.

According to police sources, Franklin made an attempt to run and the gunman followed him and shot him at the door of the store.
When cops visited the scene at #16 King Street moments later they saw Franklin’s body lying on the pavement, apparently dead.
Investigators say that because of their quick response, they were able to catch one suspect, believed to be the gunman.
They added that they have reviewed several surveillance cameras within the area, and these led them to the suspect.

Alejandro Cowo, officer commanding Crime Investigations Branch, Eastern Division said, “We have interviewed the suspect…and the motive is something personal. We do not believe that it is gang-related at this time.”

“Police are still following the investigation. …The suspect is still being interviewed and the post-mortem is being conducted,” Cowo added.
When asked whether the deceased was known to police, Cowo said that there is little information available on Franklin, since he has never had any encounterwith the law.

Investigators searched the suspect’s house trying to find the murder weapon, however, their efforts were fruitless.
Franklin’s body was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.

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