KHMH penalizes staffers for abandoned fetus

By Marion Ali
Staff Reporter

The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, KHMH is in the process of administering penalties to those members of staff whom it deems responsible for the abandoned fetus found under one of its beds last month.

The Reporter has confirmed with the hospital’s Public Relations Manager Sheena Garnett that the internal investigation has been completed and that disciplinary measures are being taken.

Garnett added, however, that because of the sensitive nature of the violation, the details of those being penalized as well as the range of penalties will not yet be made public.

On the night of Friday, May 29, a patient who was on a bed in the observation unit complained to KHMH personnel of an odor coming from under her bed.

When the staffers who were on duty made checks, they discovered what the hospital would later term as “products of conception” in a white box under the patient’s bed.

Since then, the matter has taken on two separate investigations – one by the police and the other by the hospital.

The police investigation, however, has struck a dead end because a police source has told this newspaper that therewas a discrepancy in what patient who occupied the bed told police and the actual discovery of the fetus.

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