KHMH negligence leads to amputation, says mother

By Ingrid Fernandez
Staff Reporter

Helen Conyers, the mother of two-year-old Ireland Conyers, who was recently admitted to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), claims the child developed a medical complication due to negligence at the hospital, which now requires the amputation of two toes.
Conyers said baby Ireland suffers from pneumonia and developed a cough several weeks ago, for which she was originally admitted to the Southern Regional Hospital (SRH). There at the SRH, the nurses had difficulty locating the baby’s vein to apply the Intravenous Therapy (IV) treatment.

On December 28, she was transferred to the KHMH at the pediatric ward. According to Conyers, that is where the complications began because the tape that held the IV tube was placed too tightly on the child’s right foot.

Conyers said she noticed something was wrong because the child was crying for almost five hours even when she had been given pain medication.
The tape remained on the foot for almost a week before the nurse took it off, she said. When the tape was taken off, the blood descended to the baby’s toes and they became black, she recalled.

Conyers claims that the medical staff later told her the child’s toes would need to be amputated as soon as possible and that she would need to pay for the surgery.
“They need to pay keen attention to their patients,” she complained.
Conyers added that after the experience, she does not trust the KHMH to perform the amputation surgery.

The mother is demanding that the KHMH incur the cost of the surgery and that it be performed at a reliable medical facility.
Conyers said she has not filed an official complaint because she did not know how to go about doing so but she intends to.

Acting KMHM Public Relations Manager Tylon Tillett, however, said on Thursday that the hospital is not aware of Conyers’ case and the allegations of negligence. He noted that there is an internal mechanism for filing complaints and has encouraged Conyers to use it.

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