Jose Castellanos’ fear of victimization is “a bit off,” P.M. Barrow says

Association of Public Service Senior Managers (APSSM) president Jose Castellanos cited victimization as his reason for retiring from the ‘salary adjustment’ negotiations; but Prime Minister Dean Barrow says that wasn’t the case at all.
Barrow told reporters on Wednesday that he finds Castellanos’ claim as to why he pulled out of the negotiation between government and the unions last Friday, “a bit off.”
Barrow explained that last August – prior to Castellanos’ tenure as APSSM’s president-he had applied for early retirement from the public service on medical grounds, so that he could get all his benefits.
“He had discussed his request with this CEO, who said, ‘Fine, then the ministry will support it.’ And the ministry formally did that in September of last year,” Barrow revealed.
Barrow elucidated that Castellanos became APSSM’s president around last October, “when he knew that his request to be medically boarded – if you can call it that – was already in train.”
Barrow said he got Castellanos resignation letter last Friday morning. But apart from the resignation letter, he said he also got documentation “that showed that the medical board … had already ruled in favor of his going off medically unfit, [and] had put up a formal recommendation that he be allowed to collect his benefits and leave.”
According to Barrow, the Director of Health Services concurred with that recommendation either on the day before or the very Friday, when Mr. Castellanos sent Barrow his letter.
“So that, when his letter he says, ‘I believe I’m being intimidated, and I am coming off the negotiating because, otherwise, the rest of my tenure over the next 2 years as president of the APSSM will be a kind of living hell for me’… at that point, he knew that he was retiring from the government service at his instance,” Barrow said.
Castellanos resigned last Thursday, the day before the three unions’ leaders were to negotiate the salary adjustment with the government in the Cabinet room.
He did not make a public announcement, after he resigned. He instead seemed to have secluded himself to the point that not even his union colleges were able to reach him.
Castellanos reportedly will hold a media briefing sometime in the near future.

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