John McAfee seeking asylum in Guatemala, but gets arrested!

The anti virus software tycoon, John McAfee, 67, who has been on the run from San Pedro Police since last month, was arrested in Guatemala City at the Intercontinental Hotel on Thursday, December 6.

McAfee, who was reportedly seeking asylum in Guatemala,  was arrested with the help of Interpol, after he illegally crossed into Guatemala from Belize on Monday, December 3.

Live footage of his arrest was posted on the Internet by Vice Magazine, a Mexican publication that has sent a journalist and videographer to document McAfee’s flight to freedom from Belize.

But on Thursday afternoon, reports coming out of Guatemala City indicate that McAfee was transported by ambulance from the detention center to a hospital, after he was found  unresponsive in his cell. Earlier during the day, he had complained of chest pains.

It is unclear if he had indeed suffered a heart attack, or if his complaint of “chest pains” is another of his elaborate hoaxes to avoid being sent back  to Belize.     He was scheduled to be returned to Belize on Thursday, and would have been handed over to the Belize Police.

In Guatemala, McAfee has hired a former attorney general, Telesforo Guerra, as his attorney. Guerra is said to be an uncle of McAfee twenty-year-old girlfriend, Samantha Venegas.

McAfee has continued to echo his irrational fears that Belize authorities want to summarily execute him, because he has exposed official corruption and has refused to donate money to the political party in power.

His request for asylum in Guatemala was turned down on Thursday, but his attorney has indicated that he will appeal the decision.

McAfee has been named as a person of interest in the murder investigation of his neighbour, retired American businessman Gregory Faull, who was found in his home on northern Ambergris Caye with a bullet to the back of his head in the early morning hours of Sunday, November 11.

Since he went on the lam, McAfee has started an Internet blog that he calls “whoismcafee”, on which he has been posting a running commentary of his life as a fugitive.

But late on Monday evening, McAfee’s whereabouts was revealed, when Vice Magazine posted a photograph of him on their website.

Vice Magazine ran a story entitled “We are with John McAfee right now, suckers.”

What Vice Magazine did not know at the time when they posted the photograph, was that his exact location was embedded in the photograph that was taken with an Iphone 4S.

At the detention center where he is being held, McAfee borrowed a laptop computer to update his blog.

Early on Thursday, McAfee, who is assisted on his blog site by cartoonist Chad Essley, posted a request asking readers to tweet, email or call the president of Guatemala and beg him to allow the court system to proceed to determine his status in Guatemala, and please  support the political asylum that he is asking for.

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