Investor John McAfee says GSU terrorized him

The Gang Suppression Unit (G.S.U.)’s trademark roughness has made news once again, but this time their unsuspecting, early morning target was John McAfee, 66, the antivirus-software pioneer, investor and philanthropist.

The GSU, joined by the Belize Defense Force officers and the Belize Special Assignments Group (B-SAG), raided McAfee’s Orange Walk home just outside of the entrance of the Tower Hill Toll Bridge at 6:00 Monday morning, April 30.

After an extensive search of McAfee’s compound, which also houses his Belize Ecological Foundation  Ltd, the G.S.U. came up practically empty.

Nevertheless, McAfee and his employees who were on the compound at the time of the raid were handcuffed for about 14 hours before he was taken to the Queen Street Police Station, where an attempt was made to charge him for possession of an unlicensed gun as there was some misunderstanding over its paperwork.

But, after a back and forth between the police at the station and a Counselor Officer from the United States Embassy, McAfee was eventually released without any charge.

In an interview with The Reporter, McAfee said he had given the G.S.U. all the licenses, but miraculously one of the licenses went missing.

“Why would I have an unlicensed firearm in a country with such severe laws against firearm?”

McAfee then chronicled the brutish   raid.

He said he was awakened by the sound of a megaphone and loud voices.

“There was a lot of confusion and chaos… I went outside naked because I was alarmed.

“I thought that some gang was attacking us. What I saw were vehicles and soldiers with automatic weapons at the ready. Later I learned that there were 42 of them: 15 G.S.U. and 27 B.D.F.”

He said that by the time he managed to put on a pair of short pants, the officers were already inside his house.

“I was shown a search warrant, but not given a chance to read it, because my hands were cuffed behind my back and I was pushed up against the wall,” he recalled.

McAfee said at the same time he saw the G.S.U. officers breaking down the doors.

“This is odd, because we have nine houses on the property and they are never locked, because we have security guards and dogs and the property is fenced.”

McAfee said he also has security guards who wore blue uniforms so  that they can be easily identified.

He also pointed out that one of the officers also shot and killed one of his guard dogs.

“I’ve been severely mistreated. We were given no food, no water, … One woman asked for food and a G.S.U. officer asked her if he looks like a cook,” he said.

“Can you imagine a man like me having forty-two soldiers storming in my house? I’ve been severely violated.”

McAfee said he has donated over a million dollars to the police in various stations throughout the country.

He thinks his problems may have its genesis in his refusal to donate to a defeated politician.

“If this can happen to me, it can happen to any American tourist. I love this country and I will not leave. Those responsible will be held accountable. It will not stand.”

The G.S.U., however, issued its own press release on the raid, which said in part:

“McAfee was initially detained and charged for the offences of keeping unlicensed firearm and ammunition, but was later released after producing a license for the said firearm to the Police. This aspect is still under investigation as no such licence has yet been found in the records at Police Headquarters.”

The police also reported that “analysts at the Forensic Laboratory, and personnel from the Ministry of Health were taken to inspect the facility and samples of an alleged antibiotic apparently being manufactured at the Laboratory were taken for analysis.”

Regarding the latter accusation, McAfee said he was not manufacturing antibiotics, which would require hundreds of millions of dollars and dozens of scientists in a very sanitized laboratory.

“I was making antiseptic, which is something like alcohol that you put on your skin. Its absurd to think that I would be making antibiotics. The lab shut down 18 months ago when the senior researcher quit. The building was made into a storeroom.”

“Clearly the G.S.U. is fabricating a story. I spent all the time outside in handcuffs. This caused me great embarrassment, when all the U.S. tourists see me like this.”

The  G.S.U. release ended saying: “At the conclusion, Emerson Michael, 33; Austin Allen, 46, and Emerson Dominguez, 23,  (all Belizeans) were arrested and charged for “providing security services without a license.”

McAfee is a United States citizen and Belize resident, who says he tries to always give back to the country and therefore only hires Belizean workers.

He currently employs over 85 Belizeans, including the two contractors who were also detained during Monday’s raid.



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  1. stuffmonger says:

    I would like to point out the deeper implications of my disagreement with the gsu. If you google – mcafee beluze – you will find 200 articles in the first ten pages of results that were wrtten by agencies oytside of Beluze that have the headline “McAfee Brutalized by Belizean Police” or similar headlines. If you wadw through the nect 100 or so pages of results you will find close to 2000 stories about the incident, fron 21 different countries in 12 different languages. And I have so far refused interviews with any agency outside of Belize. I have been contacted by more than 50 news outlets around the world begging for an interview.but have granted none. I have refused because if I speak to the American press, the 2000 articles presently written will become two million overnight. I live in this country and I do not want to see turmoil descend on it.

    I beliieve the GSU has has underestimated the reach of my voice. If you googlle “mcafee”, the single name every american knows me as, you will find a total of 353 million web pages that talk about me. If you google “kobe Bryant” (include the quotes in both searches), you will find 150 million references. Anyone with internet access can verify the truth of this. I don’t point this out in order to make myself seem important. I regret these articles amuch as anyone – I live here after all. I point this out merely to show the inevitable course of events if the GSU continues to tap the phones of myself and my associates, spread lies, make legal threats, invade my privacy and generally act uncivilized. but I have no alternatives to self protection beyond my close ties to the American government and my access to the press.

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