House search uncovers over US$100,000 Case handed over to FIU for further investigation!

By Anita Nembhard
Free Lance Reporter

The home of an American businessman, Scott Harnish, operating on La Isla Bonita in San Pedro, was raided Tuesday afternoon by police, and while nothing incriminating like firearms, amm-unition or drugs were found, cops discovered a significant amount of US currency.

The case of Scott Harnish was referred to the Financial Investigation Unit after the money, believed to be in the range of $175,000 US dollars, was found inside his home.

Scott Harnish’s home, located on the north side of the island, was raided by police on Tuesday afternoon, April 7, 2015 around 1 in the afternoon.
While police are tight-lipped about the purpose of their search, police source have confirmed unofficially that they did not find what they were looking for.

What it was that they were looking for and why they cannot say what it was remain unanswered, but the San Pedro businessman was released from police custody that same day.

While police could not confirm the amount of cash found at Harnish’s home, our source says that during the raid police netted some $175,000 US.
No charge has yet been levied against Harnish, but his case has been forwarded to the Financial Intelligence Unit, (FIU) for further investigation.
According to our source, Scott Harnish is the businessman owner of Palapa Bar in San Pedro.

The Reporter made contact with the Financial Intelligence Unit investigator, James Magdaleno.
He told Reporter that he had no knowledge of a case against American Scott Harnish, and that the FIU Director, Eric Eusey, who could comment, was out of the country.

He did say , however, that their office has not yet received any police report from San Pedro police. He does have knowledge of a raid at the home of Harnish, and that San Pedro police found some money. But he could not say how much was found, since he has not yet received any file on the matter.
Scott Harnish is renting the building where he operates his business, named the Palapa Bar.

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