High-school suspends students amid nude photo scandal

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

Nine students from San Pedro High School have been suspended for their participation and involvement in the creation and dissemination of nude photos. including alteration of one photo in an attempt to defame one of the school’s teachers.
SPHS Interim Principal, Conchita Flota clarified the school’s actions after rumors spread through the social media over the internet that there had been a mass expulsion at the school. According to Flota, the nine students have been put on suspension for a week.

Flota said they had received reports about a month ago that nude pictures of female students were being circulated. The school administration investigated the matter sand confirmed that some of their students were indeed to be seen in the photos.
The school came across nude pictures of at least five female students, which were reportedly part of an online display. Flota said the disciplinary committee decided that a five-day suspension was the appropriate course of action.

Four other male students were also suspended, supposedly for their role in doctoring and spreading a photo-shopped image of a teacher’s face on one of the nude photos.
School administrators have said they will make amendments to the school’s rulebook this summer to include policies dealing with cyber-bullying, sharing of pornographic material and other issues that have come to their attention through the year.

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