High-handed UB Board of trustees? Faculty Association wants iinvestigation!

Discontent is once again brewing on the campus of the University of Belize, where the Faculty and Staff Association has expressed “grave concern” about certain members of the Board of Trustees who seem to have taken over the powers of the Board
The F & Staff Association has listed nineteen decisions which were made not by the Board of Trustees meeting in regular sessions, but by individuals on the Board who decide among themselves.
Among the complaints the association calls attention to are hiring practices, changes in the status of employment, the creation of new posts, changes in salary benefits for employees on approved study leave, board members over-staying their allotted time as trustees, arbitrary changes in sick leave policy and changes in tuition remission benefits.
Association members also complain about unequal treatment, and conflicts of interest.
The list of concerns has been sent to the Minister of Education, Patrick Faber with a note saying
“The Association feels that it is in the best interest of the University for an impartial and external body to deal with the investigation of the CSB Payroll Audit Report.”
It adds that the Association intends to seek “the assistance of the Prime Minister for an independent Commission to investigate the UB Payroll Audit Report”.

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