Half a million embezzled from Treasury

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

Prime Minister Dean Barrow, on Thursday, confirmed reports that government had discovered approximately half a million dollars has been embezzled from the Treasury Department.
According to Barrow, he first received the report from Financial Secretary, Joseph Waight on Tuesday. He said the embezzling of the sum may have been occurring over a period of time but authorities only caught on to what was happening very recently.

Barrow said he was informed by Waight that some official or group of officials may have been running some sort of scam in terms of legitimate payments for particular accounts, changing account numbers, while retaining the name.

He said initially the banks were only concerned that the account number that was given did exist. He added though that he was then informed that it was the banks that eventually realized that there was a mismatch between a particular name and account number.

Barrow said the police have been alerted and have become involved in the matter, launching an investigation, but as of Tuesday they feel that there needs to be more evidence before arrests can be made. Barrow said that was all the information he has been given so far and said Waight was more privy to the rest of details of the matter.
The Reporter made numerous attempts to contact the Financial Secretary but we were unable to reach him.

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