Four men charged for special constable’s murder

Belize City, Thurs. Apr. 4.

Four men accused of shooting and killing 36-year-old Police Special Constable Bertchel Ramirez on Tuesday night, are scheduled to be arraigned in the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court tomorrow, Friday, Belmopan police confirmed.

Police revealed today that they have apprehended four suspects, who were taken to San Ignacio for an identification parade.

Ramirez, a six-year police veteran attached to Belmopan area and described by on of his superiors as a dedicated officer, was ambushed and killed near the home of his girlfriend’s father’s in an area of Roaring Creek Village known as Another World.

Ramirez received gunshot wounds to his head, body and legs.

Neighbours told reporters that they heard between 12 and 15 shots.

When the first shots were fired, Ramirez apparently tried to manoeuvre his Toyota Camry car in a desperate attempt to escape his attackers, some of whom had taken up an ambush position behind a culvert on the intersection of the street.

He, however, did not get  far, because his car crashed into a drain, and remained stuck there,

According to Ramirez’s father-in-law, Lazarus Valencia, after the killers  had finished shooting him, three gunmen  approached the Toyota to make sure that he was dead.

Ramirez died in his daughter’s arms.

Ramirez had just finished doing extra duty at the shopping mall on the Hummingbird Highway and had stopped at his father-in-law’s house to pick up his girlfriend, heading for their home, when he was ambushed.

Assistant Superintendent of Police Sinquest Martinez, the officer commanding the Belmopan Police sub-station, told reporters on Wednesday that the Police  investigation is well under way.

Martinez believes that three of the four assailants are from the Roaring Creek area.

He also confirmed that one of the suspects has two children with Ramirez’s girlfriend.

Other reports indicate, that Ramirez may have been targeted because of jealousy. Martinez told reporters that the police have established a motive for the murder, but he declined to elaborate on the motive.

According to Martinez, the suspects are known to police and to the victim. Ramirez knew who his attackers were, because prior to the shooting he had exchanged words with them, Martinez told reporters.

Police recovered several expended 9mm shells and a magazine containing several rounds from the scene of the homicide. But so far, they have not recovered any of the murder weapons.

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