Former Prime Minister and family threatened

The home of former prime minister, the Hon. Said Musa, was shot at by an unknown gunman on Tuesday night.
Belize City Police confirmed Wednesday that the main door of Musa’s home had been shot through, and the rear passenger window of his wife’s car had also been shattered by a bullet.
While Musa only discovered the damage shortly before 6:00 a.m. Wednesday – when he was about to go to the gym – he explained that he and his wife did hear about five or six gunshots just after he had turned out the lights and went to bed around 11:00 the night before.
Musa said after he heard those shots he got up to check.
“I got up and went into the bathroom, which is adjacent to the bedroom, pulled the curtain, and looked outside towards E Street, [but] I saw nothing unusual or suspicious.”
According to Musa, his wife also looked out the bedroom window toward Princess Margaret Drive, but she too saw nothing unusual.
Musa, visibly shaken by the incident, said it is a mystery to him and his family why anybody would wish to harm them, but he did confirm that he and his wife had received death threat.
Musa said just before last Christmas his wife had received several threatening telephone calls at her Belize Council for the Visually Impaired office.
Similar phone calls were also made to his law firm, Musa and Balderamos.
Speaking on how the matter has affected him, Musa said:
“It saddens me that throughout the time I was the Prime Minister of Belize, as you know, I never cared too much about my own personal security. … I moved freely around this country.
“It really saddens me that we have come to this path today in our country.”
Musa said that Tuesday’s incident underscores to him “what many Belizeans have been experiencing: this daily threat, this lack of personal security. It really calls out for a balanced approach to fighting crime”.
People’s United Party Leader Francis Fonseca, who was also at the impromptu press conference at Musa’s home, said that there has been a deepening loss of that sense of personal security.
“We are very concerned,” Fonseca said, “and we want to make sure that we can focus on helping the police to deal with a proper investigation of this matter. We want to continue to work with the government.”
Both Musa and Fonseca confirmed that the Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow had called and offered them increased security, an offer that Musa said he has already accepted.
Fonseca said:“Mr. Barrow, the Prime Minister, called me this morning.
“He was very gracious in saying that he was very concerned with what took place with respect to the former PM. … He has also made that offer on behalf of the Government to me, as the Leader of Opposition.”
Fonseca said, however, that he has not yet taken up the offer of personal security that PM Barrow made to him.
He said that it is a new era, a new development that we have to take seriously and “we are going to work very closely with the police to get to the bottom of this matter.”

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