Forestry Dept. Investigates two new rosewood cases

Belizean authorities are reportedly investigating two separate rosewood cases: one in Belize City, and another at the Western border.
According to a government press release, the authorities intercepted a 40-foot container, which contains 28 tons of rosewood flitches (in log form) that were supposedly being imported from Guatemala, at the Western border on Wednesday.
The release states that the “Forestry Department is working with its counterpart in Guatemala and is awaiting confirmation on the origin and legitimacy of the rosewood material.”
This case is worthy of the departments suspicion, because, as the release points out, Guatemala has “imposed a restriction on the exportation of rosewood in log form, sawn wood and veneer sheets.”
The Belize Customs Department is holding the containers at the Belize-Gautemala border.
But, according to reports reaching The Reporter, the Customs Department has also found more rosewood in two more containers: a 30 and a 60-foot, both of which are said to have been stored at the Belize Engineering Company Limited that is located relatively close to the Customs Department’s compound in Belize City.
Customs and Forestry Departments seized both containers because they did not have the proper paper work for export.

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