Fire-fight at Bacalar Chico:

The Belize Coast Guard called a media briefing to provide evidence that Kendale Flowers and two other men killed near Bacalar Chico by security forces on Saturday, July 7th, were armed and dangerous.

Photographs taken a  month earlier showed the men brandishing  heavy-duty attack rifles, one of which was stolen from the BDF stockade more than a year ago.

The briefing came after Flowers’ family members complained that the police had threatened Kendale, and that the single bullet-wound to his head suggested an execution rather than a fire-fight.

But it is clear from the evidence that Flowers was with the two men from the Belmopan area at the time of the fire-fight, and that all three were armed with heavy weapons. The other two men have now been positively identified as Alley Ismael Garcia, 23,  of Belmopan and Alexander Mazariegos, 22, of nearby Salvapan.

The Belize Coast Guard, which has gained immense respect for leading the operation, was at pains to refute scuttlebutt reports that the police had executed Flowers.

“We want to make plain that (neither)  the Ministry of National Security nor the Government of Belize in any way, shape or form endorses, encourages or supports state-sponsored killings or assassinations”, Captain John Borland declared.

He went on to say that “If that is the feeling that some people are trying to instill, then that is negative and we expect that the media will be responsible enough, based on what we’ve done here today, to refute that type of information going around.

“We try our best to aim shots, as we were taught, at the bottom center on the white target but a head shot is not unusual.”

Commissioner of Police, David Henderson, himself a seasoned investigator, added: “This individual (referring to Mazariegos) is a person whom we know is from Belmopan area, from the Salvapan area.

“In fact these pictures were obtained about a month ago, and if you make keen observation on the firearms, you will see the 9mm is identical to the one that (we) obtained during that incident on Saturday.”

Henderson added that there is no way  the security forces could have planted the weapons on the young men.

The law enforcement party sent out last Saturday comprised elements of the Coast Guard, the Belize Defence Force and the Police Department.

The security forces arrived by Coast Guard launch at Bacalar Chico and worked their way cautiously overland until they made contact with the hostile forces.

The security forces did not know what size of force they were up against;only that  the men were well armed because they had discovered evidence of target practice.

The connection between two Belmopan youths and the Southside Gangsters is yet to be adequately explained.

Also the matter of the BDF assault rifle which was recovered during the fire-fight needs to be investigated.

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