Fabers Road incomplete and already cracking

By Benjamin Flowers
Staff Reporter

The controversial Fabers Road rehabilitation project still has months to go before completion; however cracks are already beginning to show on the portions of the street that have been finished.

Eight months into the project, visible cracks are popping up along the route, in various places, like the portion of the road just after the entrance to Trinity street. These cracks are surfacing at a time when Fabers Road is seeing a reduced level of traffic, as construction works are still ongoing in the area.

The early emergence of cracks begs the question what will happen once traffic along Fabers Road returns to normal? The project sparked controversy when it was announced in 2017 on two major points: the cost of the project and the contractor given the job.

In October 2017, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced that the project was valued at just under $8 million, and would be given to Imer Hernandez, the nephew of former Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega.
Hernandez has been in the news numerous times, with his most recent appearance in April 2018, for projects that he worked on which ended up needing remedial works soon after. His media debut was in 2012 over allegations that he received almost $200,000 to pave the San Antonio Road in Orange Walk, but ended up paving the street that DPM Vega lived on. The government of Belize denied that he was ever paid the sum for the paving of that road, and in 2014 gave him $2 million for the same project.

Hernandez would go on to land two public contracts, a $6 million contract to upgrade the then Belize City Municipal Airstrip, and a $2 million contract to renovate the Belmopan market. He made the news in April 2018, when his company needed to perform remedial works on the Sir Barry Bowen Municipal Airstrip only 16 months after completing the $17 million project.

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