Early morning murder in Corozal; suspect on the run

By Michelle Sutherland
Staff Reporter

Corozal police are seeking the public’s assistance in finding a San Joaquin man who is suspected of inflicting deadly chop wounds to two men, one of whom died on the scene.

It is believed that the suspect, Arturo Tamai Tzul, might have escaped across the Mexican border after he chopped 21-year-old Omar Moralez Gonzalez across the neck with a machete. Gonzalez died around 3:00 on Thursday morning at the scene of the incident.

According to investigators, Gonzalez who was accompanied by Doniver Ruano, 20, was talking to a girl on a feeder road in the village when Tzul approached them.

Tzul, who was reportedly intoxicated, allegedly started an argument with Gonzalez, pulled out a machete and inflicted the fatal wounds.
Ruano was also chopped on the right side of his neck when he tried to intervene to save his friend.

Sergeant Fernando Villadarez, lead investigator in the murder case, told the Reporter that the two men were not involved in any altercation prior to the incident.

Villadarez also said that while the suspect is not known to local police, he was recently released from a Mexican prison.
Investigators say that they have already contacted their Mexican counterpart in the event that the accused is already over the border.
Ruano was taken to the Corozal Hospital where he was treated for his injuries and later released.

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