Doehm discovered dead! Police suspect Suicide

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

Thursday morning was not business as usual for a Princess Hotel housekeeping employee who entered a room on the fifth floor sometime after 11:00 a.m., to do her normal chores and stumbled upon the occupant – a man – dead. The news quickly spread, after confirmation with the hotel’s front desk, that it was David Doehm, the stepfather of Faye Lin Cannon, 13, whose badly wounded body was discovered, reportedly by Doehm, on the morning of Monday, July 3 in her bedroom at their rented condo in an upscale neighbourhood in San Pedro.

Police issued a preliminary report late Thursday night of the scene in the hotel room. Doehm, 59, lay beside a small nitrogen tank that had been connected by a hose to a plastic bag which covered his face. A handwritten note – the contents of which reportedly revealed that he was tired of his life – lay nearby. The Reporter has learned that a receipt showing purchase of the nitrogen tank was also discovered.

Police say Doehm checked into the Princess Hotel on Wednesday morning and had no visitors. He was last seen alive around 11:00 a.m., the same day. His wife, Anke, was called in to identify his body, just hours after they were scheduled to appear before the Family Court for proceedings in a child custody battle for their two other adopted daughters who were taken away following Fay Lin’s death.

The Doehms, whose former neighbours in San Pedro accused them openly of physically abusing the three girls who lived under their care, were charged with “cruelty to a child” in Faye Lin’s death. A post mortem examination also revealed the girl was sexually and physically abused.

When they reported Faye’s death, the Doehms claimed that she was mentally unhinged and wilfully caused harm to herself at times. They said David discovered her dead after she asked for water and returned to her room.
After the couple was charged, San Pedro residents, convinced they were responsible for the child’s death, protested that they were freed on bail. Their concerns had to do with the argument that the Doehms, who had no investment in Belize, were serious flight risks. The residents took to the streets, jeered and reviled the Doehms, eventually forcing them to move off the island. The pair moved to a Reggae Street address in Belize City, also partly because one of their conditions of bail,which required them to report to the Belize City Magistrate’s Court each week until the case is called.
Suicide by nitrogen intoxication, otherwise known as a suicide bag, is becoming a common choice of exiting life, as nitrogen prevents panic, suffocation and struggling and is believed to cause a painless death.

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