Dead Guatemalan retrieved from Mopan

By Marion Ali
Staff Reporter

Police have retrieved the body of Rudy Leonel Salazar, 22, one of two Guatemalan youths who were shot by a person who was stalking them as they crossed the Mopan River into Belize on a fishing expedition. Benque police confirmed to The Reporter on Thursday evening, that Salazar’s brother positively identified the body. The young man from Melchor de Mencos, had crossed from Guatemala into Belize along with two others.

Based on testimony given by one of the boys who received treatment at the San Ignacio Hospital, for a bullet wound in his right thigh, police believe that the person who shot them was a Guatemalan who followed them from Melchor.

The youth in the San Ignacio Hospital was shot in the leg, while Salazar was shot twice in the neck. He fell into the Mopan River. His body was found on Thursday evening in the River, about a mile north of Calla Creek in the Cayo District.

A third boy, whoscaped after his two companions were shot, made it safely back to Melchor de Mencos.
Police are continuing their investigation and have interviewed the boy who was shot in the leg.
They report that they had no suspects at this time.

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