Cycling Association combats woes

By Benjamin Flowers
Staff Reporter

The Cycling Federation of Belize and its President, UDP Mayoral Candidate Dion Leslie are being challenged for a lack of transparency and failure to hold elections, by one of its members, Tariq Cano.

According to Cano, the Federation has not held an election for a new managing board since 2013, and further claims that the current board made changes to the constitution without producing any minutes from a meeting to prove that the constitution was amended according to due process.
Cano further contends that the process by which the federation selects cyclists to be on the national team needs to be revisited, saying that it is currently at the whim of the board. He also called out the CFB for not placing enough emphasis on female and youth cyclists, noting that for the past three years the federation has hosted tours exclusively for male elite cyclists, while female and youth cyclists only get one-day races.

Cano said that he repeatedly wrote to Leslie to voice his concerns only to have them dismissed, so he decided to contract attorney, Hector Guerra, to write a letter on his behalf, giving Leslie a week to respond. Guerra told the Reporter that if Cano is unsatisfied with Leslie’s response he does have the option to take the matter to court.

“The constitution (of the Federation) operates as a contract between all the members of the Association. So if Mr. Cano wants to seek redress he would apply to the court. His cause of action would be breach of contract and he would seek specific performance for the constitution to be enforced,” Guerra said.

Leslie’s attorney, Brian Neal, responded to Cano’s letter with one of his own, warning Guerra that his client is not a registered member of the CFB because he has not completed the application process. Neal’s letter also warned that if Cano made any slanderous remarks or published any such material that Leslie would take swift legal action.

Shortly after, Cano posted copies of his form and receipt to his Facebook account in response to Neal’s claim that he is not a registered member. The situation is now at a stalemate with Leslie being the one to make the next move. The Reporter will be following up to see if Leslie responds within the deadline.

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