Corozal’s first murder is 12th of the year

By Ingrid Fernandez
Staff Reporter

The Corozal district recorded its first murder of the year this week, becoming the last of the six districts to see a murder, in what has turned out to be a bloody January, with 12 murders already on record.
On Wednesday morning 29-year-old Paul Messam was shot and killed, execution-style, in Corozal Town.
According Deputy Commander at the Corozal Police Station, Inspector Peter Serrano, the Skeleton town resident was shot twice to the head around 8:30 a.m. He was also injured to the right palm.
Messam was outside on the steps of his girlfriend’s house, when a lone gunman approached him and fired three shots, fatally wounding him.

When police was informed of the shooting, officers headed to the area but Messam had already been taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Police found only the pool of blood where Messam was wounded.
Police say they have not been able to determine the motive behind the shooting and won’t speculate. In 2014, Messam’s older brother, Mark Messam was violently murdered in a chopping attack in the Corozal.
Serrano, however, said there is no connection between Mark’s murder in 2014 and the recent incident that claimed Paul’s life.

Corozal police are looking for three persons in connection with the murder. These individuals are believed to be from other districts, according to Serrano.
Messam, who was no stranger to police, had expressed to acquaintances that he was trying to change his life. According to Corozal police, he had not been involved in any criminal activity for over a year.
Four years ago Messam was charged for drug trafficking when police searched a white Toyota Camry he was driving and found 31 pieces of crack cocaine, 6.58 grams, hidden in the arm rest of the vehicle.

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